About Us


Knowledge is power.”  Francis Bacon

In today’s world, data analysis is as important as the information collected. To achieve the best results from the current situation, a strong methodology is needed to help make decisions by optimizing existing resources.

It is at this point that we are engaged in collecting and analyzing valuable and accurate information and making the right decision. To this end, we use innovative and most advanced tools and applications.

Harvard Research and Consulting is an Ankara based firm which have  a branche in New York. It has very talented experts which have large experience in Turkey’s leading think-tanks, public and private institutions and universities. In addition, our firm has merged with a New York based company which has a history of 20 years in the consulting sector.

We meet the needs of each of our customers in the best way with our experienced team of bureaucrat origin, private sector management and academician origin experts who are highly qualified career professionals in their fields.

We offer our services in a wide range of fields from public and market research to training programs and legislative consultancy to our customers without compromising on scientific  approach and objectivity.

Our Values:

  • We never compromise independence and neutrality.
  • As a result of reliability, scientificity and causality, we do not share the requested results, but the scientific results achieved as a result of the research.
  • We open every stage of research and consultancy services to the audit and information of our customers.
  • We strictly follow the rules set by ICC / ESOMAR (International Chamber of Commerce).

How do we work?

  • We have a unique way of working.
  • We always look forward.
  • We are always optimistic about opportunities, realistic about what is possible.
  • Always clear, always honest.
  • We are pragmatic, adapting to the conditions.
  • We bring together the best people in the world.