Financial Consultancy

Our company provides consultancy services on cryptocurrencies, best investments at national and international level, process management for  transition to digital economy and crowdfunding methods.

Foreign Trade Consultancy:

Our company provides consultancy services on customs legislation and finding reliable companies in the countries requested for import or export.

Political Counseling:

Our company, who carefully followed the elections held in various parts of Turkey and the world’s national and local level, offers election campaign services listed below.

Harvard Research & Consulting provides corporate services to maximize candidates’ chances of winning the election and to provide political branding that will provide candidates with a long-term career in politics.

  • Campaign planning, management and evaluation
  • Planning, conducting and evaluating internet campaigns
  • Creating political branding strategies
  • Public Relations and advertising campaign execution
  • Crisis management
  • Slogan development
  • Producing documents and materials for written, visual and audio media
  • Political activity planning and implementation
  • Planning and executing social responsibility projects
  • Organizing and executing relations with the press
  • Preparing for meetings, campaign visits and open sessions

Legislation (Legal) Consultancy

Harvard Research & Consulting is currently working with bureaucrat origin experts from Turkey’s leading public institutions. Our company, primarily; provides legal advice in many areas:

  • Public Procurement Legislation,
  • Tax Legislation,
  • Customs Legislation,
  • Migration Legislation and
  • NGO Legislation

Strategic Planning Consultancy:

Corporate executives and public institutions are expected to adapt to an ever-increasing pace of change over an increasingly short period of time. Thanks to our global expertise, we help our customers adopt responsive solutions, adapt to change in a compressed time frame, and implement transformation strategies to better fulfill their tasks. We help company leaders and government agencies develop their strategic visions, improve business processes, reduce complexity, and develop new capabilities for long-term success.

Overseas Education and Training:

Studying abroad can be both exciting and difficult. Students may find it difficult to adapt to the new work environment, culture and other aspects of life as they begin their studies. This is where we come in.

Having partnerships and agreements with various universities, colleges and schools, our Company provides consultancy services on the best learning institutions, programs and fees offered in the USA and the UK, in other countries:

  • General information about education abroad
  • Profile of Schools, Colleges, Institutes and Universities
  • Student visa advice and information
  • Support for students with visa application process
  • Orientation information before departure.

Project Consultancy for Local and International Funds:

Our company provides reliable and competent project management throughout the life cycle of a project. From identifying project ideas and project concepts to project implementation and post-completion evaluation, our experienced experts provide support in a variety of sectors including building and infrastructure construction, utilities, transportation, energy, property and finance.

We offer quality and smart solutions to all kinds of problems, especially bureaucratic problems faced by our customers. We create a clearly defined business plan, a complete set of deliveries that meet the needs of the budget and customers and help achieve the desired results.

Study Visits to UK and USA

Our New York branch arranges visits to the United States and makes sectoral visits to England, organizes events according to specific demands for customers who want to attend trade or get in touch with certain institutions or individuals. In addition to package programs on a sectoral basis, our company provides services such as contacting institutions and individuals, requesting visas, transportation, accommodation, translation and guidance services in the USA and the UK.